Bringing Distribution Opportunity To Independent Filmmakers

The Top Line Distribution Showcase (TLDS) is a film festival-market-event focused on connecting distributers and sales agents with filmmakers that have material their looking to sell.


Distribution & Licensing

These are the two things that take filmmaking from a hobby to a business. Don't forget to focus on allowing your film product to exist! Far too many filmmakers work endlessly on their creative vision, only to let it die in purgatory once they finish the final edit.


Don't Let Your Film Die In Purgatory

Film distribution is a confusing beast to most. For that reason, most filmmakers "finish" their filmmaking process once the final edit is locked. Don't fall into this trap.

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Top Line is an opportunity for filmmakers to scale their work to the next level.

The game of distribution, sales, licensing and streaming is a bit of a grey area for most filmmakers. So we've created The Top Line Distribution Showcase to make this professional transition smoother and more effective, for our partners as well as the independent film community.

Officially Selected Films Are Showcased To Industry Film Distributors, Sales Agents and License Acquisitions Personnel For 7 Days

Our final filmmakers are programmed into our immersive catalogue, showcasing a modernized film “packet” to share, showcase and sell to potential buyers across the span of TLDS


Sign Deals & Create Real Revenue Opportunities

Explore Masterclasses & Panels To Learn All About Distribution, Licensing & Beyond

Meet & Network With Filmmakers, Film Buyers & Film Financiers